Static Website Design

About Our 'Static' Website Design & Development Services:

We recommend getting a WordPress website for SME’s and social enterprises these days as it’s simpler and easier to update and offers more functionality.

However, if you want a truly unique web design, and you want a small website, then static web design still has its place.

You could also use our static web design for the development of a unique bespoke WordPress theme.

Our development process is simple

We’ll plan and analyse the best content to add to your site, we’ll collect all of the images, logos & graphics that you want to be used, and then we’ll mockup a demo for you to see and OK before we start creating the website.

When the website’s development starts, we’ll keep you informed and send you weekly updates so keep you in the loop the whole time.

Once your new website has been completed, we’ll thoroughly test it and f the new website passes our test’s then we’ll ensure that all on-page elements have been optimised for search engines.

Finally, when your site is ready to launch, your website’s Google Analytics will be set up and configured by a Google certified developer.

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Static Web Design:
Static Web Design: