Design of the Website

Design for the website is an in-depth process that SME’s and social enterprises often don’t get right. They overlook just how important it is to their success. 

This could be for many reasons but usually because they decided their budget was tight. Or perhaps they thought they needed to go for the cheaper option. Did they choose to not pay for a professional WordPress developer and digital marketing team?

Or perhaps they didn’t put enough time and effort into developing a content strategy for their new venture?

In these times, money is tight, at Website Magic, we get that.

But look at this showcase of WordPress websites as it shows examples of how the design of the website can work. When it’s done well, it’s done well!

You could design your website, but there’s a very steep learning curve. In fact, so steep that it’s rare for an SME or social enterprise to get it right on their own.

How Our Design for the Website can help

As a social enterprise ourselves, Website Magic understands the difficulties that come with website development for SMEs. Website design for social enterprises being our core line of work, we have the experience you need for your WordPress website project.

Website Magic offers a range of website development services for social enterprises & SMEs.

Everything from static website design to bespoke WordPress development, content creation or On-Page SEO – we do it all!

Fast-loading WordPress Web Development Service

Website Magic aim to develop fast-loading WordPress websites for all social enterprises we work for. We provide various web development packages to suit every target audience or type of social enterprise.

Clean WordPress Website Designs

Website Magic develop speedy and clean WordPress websites, but we also ensure that your social enterprise has a fully-featured WordPress site at the end of it – one that fulfils your organisation’s goals and objectives.

Get a Unique Design for the Website

Website Magic’s design services enable social enterprises and SME’s to succeed online. We’re a social enterprise too. So, we understand how important it is to get the right design for your website.

Website Magic also provide great aftercare that includes technical support, website updating, and maintenance.

SME Website Development

Our WordPress website design best suits SME’s and social enterprises because we aim to provide good value for money while also maintaining common objectives.

Our WordPress websites come with a blog section so that your organisation can present its visitors with the latest news about your organisation and allows your visitors to subscribe to your RSS feed using FeedBurner so that they’re updated. You’re able to monitor how many people regularly read your blog.

Optional Extras:

Want push notifications sent to your visitor’s computers? No problem! We’ll install and configure your site so that it offers to provide your visitors with announcements every time you add new content to your website. This ensures that people who are interested can always find out the latest news straight away.

Newsletter/Mailing List

Want to start up a mailing list? Then we can set you up with unlimited mail-out functionality, automated newsletter emails with conversion-centred content created by our team of copywriters.

Accept Online Donations

Want visitors to your website to be able to donate money to your social enterprise, non-profit, or charity through your website? We can do that too.

Also, we can link to your Crowd-funding Page(s) and social media channels to maximise your reach.

Interact with your visitors directly using your organisation’s Social Media channels or even WhatsApp.

We’ll link to your social media channels on every page of your site and can even display your social media feeds in and around the site if it’s required.

Want to develop an online community within your website? No problem!

A good website should help you to create relationships with your site’s visitors and customers. It should enable your organisation to flourish and prosper by ensuring that everything is easy to find and use.

If you provide a service and want to create an online community around it, then we can help you to develop a place for your visitors to get help with accessing your services.

Whether you opt for adding a forum to your WordPress website or add a Question & Answers page, we can help visitors to your site to be able to ask questions and get answers.

Maybe you need to set up a Facebook group or a LinkedIn groupie your target audience is aimed more at professional services. Either way, we can help with that too.

Get a Unique Design of the website.

The design of the website can affect so many areas in your website’s success, including how long your visitors stay on your site to how many convert to paying clients or customers.

So, if you’d rather not use a stock theme for your WordPress Web Development project, then why not add our static web design service to your package. Then you’ll get a completely bespoke design for your WordPress website project.